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Omit Chanda

I'm from Bangladesh! I just defended my Master's thesis from dept. of Computer Science of University of Manitoba. I have been working as a research assistant in the Computer Vision Lab under the supervision of Prof. Yang Wang.

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  • About Me

    Successfully defended Masters thesis from Dept. of Computer Science at University of Manitoba where I was advised by Dr. Yang Wang. My research is focused on Deep Learning and its applications in Computer Vision.

    I received my Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) in 2013.

  • Experiences

    Courses taught at the NEUB Bangladesh

    [2016] Discrete Mathematics
    [2016] Data Structure (Language: C)
    [2016] Data Structure Lab (Language: C)
    [2015] Operating System Concepts (Language: JAVA)
    [2015] Operating System Concepts Lab (Language: JAVA)
    [2015] Microprocessor and interfacing
    [2015] Microprocessor and interfacing Lab (Language: Assembly language)

    Courses taught at Sylhet Engineering College

    [2016] Computer Networks
    [2016] Computer Networks (Language: Java) (Packet Tracer)
    [2015] Object Oriented Programming Language (Language: Java)
    [2015] Object Oriented Programming Language Lab (Language: Java)

    Software Engineer at Eyeball Networks

    I was engaged with android team of Eyeball which was developing uGrow, a baby monitoring software and it was contracted from Philips, a dutch diversified technology company. It’s a huge application having many dynamic, elegant features.

    TA/Marker Positions

    [COMP 3370] Computer Organization: 2017 Fall, 2016 Fall
    [COMP 4300] Computer Networks : 2017 Fall, 2016 Fall
    [COMP 2140] Data Structures and Algorithms : 2017 Winter
    [COMP 1010] Introductory Computer Science 1 : 2017 Winter